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Second Life - An Introduction for Students: Home

In This Guide

  • Home: What is Second Life, Get Started in SL
  • System Requirements: Optimizing Performance, Viewers
  • Basic Functions: Communicate, Landmarks, Move Tools, Open a Box, View Tools
  • Advanced Functions: Appearance, Animation, Organize Inventory, Photography, Profiles, Share Inventory, Voice
  • Explore SL: Destination Guide, Groups, Make Friends, Social Events, Notecards, World Map, Hunts
  • Useful Links: Building, Economy, Glossary, Griefers, Knowledge Base, Land

This guide is optimized for the Second Life Viewer and also for PC.

What is Second Life?

Second Life (SL), according to its website, is the "Internet's largest user created, 3-D virtual world community." It is a place to "connect, work and explore, to be different, free yourself and your mind". Virtually everything in Second Life is created by users and behind every avatar is a real person. It is not a game, although users can and have created games for Second Life.

Get Started in SL

Dreams We Live in Second Life

This brief video explores a tiny portion of the possibilities of Second Life.